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Frank Tonitto started his business in 1958. Today, Frank's library of US car parts knowledge and his supplier chain is astounding.

Cadillac, Thunderbird, Buick, Pontiac, Chevrolet, Lincoln, Oldsmobile and Dodge are his specialty. Yet other makes like Mercury, Cobra etc. have parts in stock also.
"You would never know what Frank had out there..."
George McMahon 2009
American Classic car lovers all over the world, restorers and collectors alike, all know what the company sells: - car parts. Hand tooled, customised precision quality parts that last.

Using an extensive technical library and a workshop full of precision manufacturing equipment, the company manufactures and sells top quality Australian Made remakes of wheel nuts, wheel bolts, sleeves and lock nuts also.
(See TEFBA Wheel Nuts page)

One of the company’s most successful products is the TEFBA Radiator / Cooling system Filter. Designed, patented and manufactured by Frank Tonitto, was motivated by years of cleaning old radiators, the filter fits inside the top radiator hose of most older cars. A fine stainless steel mesh screen, designed in a unique "U" configuration, filters particles from the coolant, extending radiator life. The TEFBA Radiator Filter is recommended by a number of Australian classic car clubs.
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Another onsite manufactured product is the: "Engine Life Extender" This product fits between your petrol engine spark plugs and the block. It is specially design by Frank Tonitto to stop spark plugs from oiling.
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Frank Tonitto states:
"Our company’s strong point is the customised manufacture and precision finish of classic car replacement parts. We are unique, providing the Australian and global market with parts no longer in mass production. Our reputation is built on delivering quality custom parts that last."

Contact Frank Tonitto to enquire about the make, model and year of your vehicle.
Phone: Australia 02 4773 3022
International (+61) 2 4773 3022

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